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Swimming-Inspired Textile Collection

11/26/18: Work in Progress

I am currently working on creating a textile collection inspired by swimming, using wall targets and the "T" on the bottom of the pool as motifs. Focusing on shades of blue, I am dying the fabric with fiber reactive dyes and with the shibori method in an indigo bath.

I enjoy swimming because I love the feeling of water, so I am creating these pieces to illustrate representations of water.

Here are some photos that I took that are serving as inspiration to my work:

I made this logo for the textile collection by writing my name with wavy handwriting.

Swatch 1: I stamped Presist as a resist in order to make the tiled targets as "T"s. I used tape a resist to create the diagonal lines and section off parts of the fabric. I used three shades of blue dye, and created a watery texture on the blues by applying a thick, unmixed discharge that took some of the color out and created shades of green and light blue.

Swatch 2: For this swatch, I dyed fabric in an indigo bath using the shibori method and then cut the fabric into strips and sewed it together as a patchwork swatch. The shibori turned out much lighter that I hoped for because the indigo bath was not healthy. Because the shibori did not have as much vibrance and contrast as I wanted, I added contrast by using royal blue thread to sew the pieces together on my sewing machine.

Swatch 3: For this swatch, I directly dyed the fabric blue, then stamped darker blue tiles across the swatch. I beaded targets with tiny, metallic seed beads. This 13"x18" swatch has approximately 1,000 beads.

Detail photo of the metallic beads creating the target motif.

Swatch 4: I used shibori to dye the fabric for this swatch. I cut a light piece of shibori into square tiles, and sewed them onto a dark piece of Shibori as appliques. I used the Nui Shibori technique by stitching the fabric and pulling the threads tight before submerging the fabric in an indigo bath.

Detail of the tiled target appliques.


Swatch 5: For this swatch, I used tape as resist and then directly dyed the fabric with fiber reactive dye.

Swatch 6: For this swatch, I used tape as resist and then directly dyed the fabric with fiber reactive dye.

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