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Portland Functional Fabric Fair

I attended the Functional Fabric Fair in Portland on 10/22/19, where I went to booths, learned about innovative textiles, ordered fabric samples, and went to lectures. There was an apparel "Hall of Fame" with iconic outdoor garments and a fabric forum with swatches of different types of textiles to compare.

The fair was held at the Portland Convention Center. Here are some photos of the venue.

Here are pictures of the apparel "Hall of Fame".

Here are pictures from the fabric forum arranged by functional category.

Here are close-ups of some of the fabrics displayed at the fabric forum.

Here are pictures from the lectures. I listened to an Expert Forum, a lecture on rethinking the design process through a project of reinventing a sports bag, a lecture on the future of sustainability in manufacturing, and a lecture on compression in sports apparel.

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