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Fine Art Portfolio

I majored in Art Practice at Stanford, and here is a portfolio of my artwork. At Stanford, I focused on breadth and worked in various media, including drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, ceramics, and mixed media. I have also taken beginning classes in glass blowing and metal smithing. 

I made these ceramics in classes during junior high and high school. I made a variety of sculptures and bowls thrown on a potter's wheel.
Color, form, and texture
These projects explore the fundamentals of design-from, color, and texture. The arrangements of colorful pentagons each contain over 100 different colors. Using a small number of paints (red, yellow, blue, black, and white), I mixed paints to create each of these distinctly different colors. I then arranged one board of tiles by saturation, and then another board by value. The next project is a series of three clay tiles that are painted. These explore the relationship between form/texture, color, and emotion conveyed. The next project, a series of four tiles, explores optical color. Optical color is when two small amounts of color side by side appear to create a different color. The colors do not mix, touch, or overlap, but create optical color from their close proximity. Using red and blue pens, I made a square that appears purple. I used red and yellow to create the perception of orange. Blue and yellow were used for the tile that appears green. Red, blue, and yellow are all used together for the tile that appears gray. The black and white painted canvas is an exploration of foreground and background. Using only black and white shapes, I painted a form that has both black and white in the foreground and in the background. The final project is an exploration of texture. Using plaster, I created six distinctly different textures with various additive and subtractive methods.
Digital art
I have done various digital art projects using software from Adobe Creative Suite. I have made posters with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I also designed a book for Paul Rand's essay, "Design and the Play Instinct" using Adobe InDesign. I made this book to practice book layout and typography. I added details such as printing some of the image pages on transparencies to complement the playful theme of the essay.
Drawing: "Underwater World" (graphite)
Underwater World is a collection of graphite portraits of swimmers underwater, in their natural environment. I started with a self-portrait that I made as a final project in an intro to drawing class at Stanford, then expanded this collection to include portraits of my teammates at Stanford and in Davis.
Drawing: Miscellaneous
Various drawings
Drawing: Sketching practice
Here is a collection of sketches that I have done. Some are for drawing practice, some for planning other projects, and some are to document a piece of my day.
Fish Skin
I made a wearable fish skin, including a top and a tail with fins. This was created for a project in a sculpture class. This garments is a wearable form to that dictates the wearers movement in a specific environment.
Glass blowing and metal smithing
At the UCD craft center, I took an intro to glass blowing class and an intro to metal smithing class. Glassblowing was pretty difficult, but it was fun to take classes and learn new skills!
Mixed Media: "Digital Translations"
In this series, I explored the multiple meanings of digit(al). I started with a physical representation of a hand with digits, with an outlet on the wrist. Then, I took a photo of the ceramic piece, and covered it with tiles of electrical outlets. Translating this back into the physical, I painted this with acrylic paints. Next, I photographed the painting and overlayed RGB numbers correlating to the colors in each section to create a final digital representation. In this project, I examined the meaning of digit (fingers), the connections between digital and physical (electrical outlets), and numerical digits (number values).
Mixed Media: "Illustrations of Time"
This series includes three illustrations of time (time burning/melting away, frozen in time, and spinning in circles). The candle was made by making a plaster mold and filling it with wax, sand, and a string wick. For the ice clock, I made a latex mold around a clay prototype, then froze water in the latex mold. I built the clock by taking apart a clock and then using the motor for my new creation. I reimagined a way of telling time, with the sole hand pointing upwards at the numerical value of the current time. The outer circle shows the hours, the middle circle shows the minutes, and the inner circle shows the seconds. The circles rotate, and the time is always shown at the top of the clock.
Mixed Media: "Making Memories"
Making Memories is a collection of photos that I have painted over to create false memories, as well as sketches of the original photos. The painted photos are reimagined moments, looking back at childhood memories through the eyes of a child.
Mixed Media: Digital printing and photo manipulation
These are projects that I made by taking photos, digitally printing them on different materials, and then making them into various pieces.
Painting: "Shoe Collection" (acrylic)
This is a series of paintings of different types of shoes filled in with the environments in which they are worn.
Painting: Acrylic
Here are various acrylic paintings. I have mainly painted landscapes when using acrylics. I love the vibrant, bright colors of acrylic paint.
Painting: Oil
These paintings were done with oil paint. I have painted a variety of subjects, including self-portraits, watery environments, still life settings, and experiments with color.
Paintings: "Molly, my muse"
Molly, my English Springer Spaniel, inspired these drawings, paintings, wood burnings, and photos. I practiced many types of art while using her as my model.
Photography: Underwater
Here are photos that I took with an underwater camera. I use the photos to capture the colors and texture of water, then use them as inspiration for other projects such as textile dying, drawing, and painting.
Photography: black and white film
Here are black and white photos that I took on a film SLR camera, developed in a dark room, and then scanned to make digital copies. These photos were taken at Stanford as assignments in an introduction to photography class.
Photography: nature
These photos are taken on a DSLR camera. I enjoy taking photos of animals and plants while out on walks. I especially love taking photos of nature, specifically little animals such as squirrels, lizards, butterflies, and bunnies.
Pinwheel spinning top
I took a CAD class and designed a spinning top based on a pinwheel in VectorWorks. I had it 3D printed, then painted it.
Here is a variety of sculptures made from various materials, such as paper, wood, metal, silicone, and wax.
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