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Color, form, and texture


These projects explore the fundamentals of design-from, color, and texture. The arrangements of colorful pentagons each contain over 100 different colors. Using a small number of paints (red, yellow, blue, black, and white), I mixed paints to create each of these distinctly different colors. I then arranged one board of tiles by saturation, and then another board by value. The next project is a series of three clay tiles that are painted. These explore the relationship between form/texture, color, and emotion conveyed. The next project, a series of four tiles, explores optical color. Optical color is when two small amounts of color side by side appear to create a different color. The colors do not mix, touch, or overlap, but create optical color from their close proximity. Using red and blue pens, I made a square that appears purple. I used red and yellow to create the perception of orange. Blue and yellow were used for the tile that appears green. Red, blue, and yellow are all used together for the tile that appears gray. The black and white painted canvas is an exploration of foreground and background. Using only black and white shapes, I painted a form that has both black and white in the foreground and in the background. The final project is an exploration of texture. Using plaster, I created six distinctly different textures with various additive and subtractive methods.

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