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Adjustable, Athletic Heating Brace for Multiple Joints

This versatile brace is adjustable to fit the wrist, elbow, shoulder, knee, and ankle. It stays on during activity and stays secure during the movement of the joint.

This project was done for a functional apparel design class at UC Davis. The goal was to create a prototype of a versatile brace that fits multiple joints and stays on during activities. I researched current braces on the market to better understand issues, then sought to address issues with current products, such as limited fit and restriction of movement during activity. I created this final prototype based on ideation, sketching, and low-fidelity prototyping. The brace can be folded to fit smaller joints such as the wrist and ankle. It has multiple velcro panels and different straps that can be connected in several configurations depending on the size of the wearer and the joint on which it is worn. Due to the stretch of the textiles used, the design maintains contact with the joint during movement. The prototype has a waterproof bladder inside, and it can be heated to be used for heat therapy.

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Adjustable, Athletic Heating Brace for Multiple Joints

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