Breathing Room Business Apparel

I expanded my "Breathing Room" collection (clothing made specifically to fit the wide shoulders and muscular bodies of female swimmers) to include business clothes for professional environments.

It can be difficult for female athletes to find clothing that fits properly because standard sizing does not account for muscular proportions. It can be especially hard to find business clothing that fits well because business clothes often have sleeves and are generally made in fabrics that do not stretch, which can make clothing even more restrictive in the shoulders. I drafted original patterns for each piece based on body measurements of female swimmers. I designed shirts, blazers, dresses, coats, pants, and skirts, and am continuing to design more outfits, such as blazer-style dresses and different styles of shirts and jackets.

Project Gallery

Breathing Room Business Apparel

Assorted shirts, blazers, etc.
Dark purple square-neckline long sleeve dress
Dark purple square neckline long sleeve dress
Navy blue satin shirt (this fabric is so difficult and gets wrinkled so quickly)
Navy satin shirt and black velvet pants
Green velvet shirt and white skirt
Green velvet shirt and white skirt
Dark green velvet shirt and white skirt
Blue/black coat with metallic sequins
Navy/black metallic sequin jacket and skirt
Navy blazer over purple dress
Navy blazer and blue/black skirt with metallic sequins
WHite jacket with metallic details over black shirt and pants
Navy blazer over dark purple dress
Light blue square neckline button up shirt
Navy blue extra-long blazer
Blue eyelet sleeveless top with white bias bound edges
Royal blue shirt and white skirt
Light blue square neck button up with lace neckline
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