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Sporty Skirt Collection: 2021

Here is a collection of sporty skirts made from swimwear fabric. Swimsuit material is soft, stretchy, and dries fast, which makes it a great choice for athletic skirts or swimsuit cover-ups. These skirts have wide, comfortable waistbands in contrasting or complementing colors and prints. Some of these skirts have large pockets on the sides.

I made this assortment of athletic skirts with colorful knit swimsuit material. I sewed the skirts with a serger for the inside seams and a cover stitch for the hems. These durable, multi-thread seam types work well for athletic clothing because they can withstand the stretch and movement without losing their shape. The waistband is super comfy because it is made from a soft and stretchy fabric, so it does not need an additional elastic band.

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Sporty Skirt Collection: 2021

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