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Swimming apparel for staying warm and dry

Here is a small collection of parkas designed with features for keeping the swimmer dry and warm.

1) The fleece inside lining of a parka gets itchy if wet, so this parka has removable absorbent towels that snap into the inside of the parka. The swimmer can put the parka on when still wet, dry off with the towel layer, and then remove the towels for a warm, dry fleece parka.
2) The extra-long parka has an extension that can be cinched at the bottom when relaxing to keep the feet warm (like a sleeping bag), or tucked up with snaps so that the swimmer does not trip when walking around.
3) The parka has mesh drip pockets on the outside for storing wet gear like caps and goggles. This parka allows the swimmer to keep the fleece pockets dry for keeping his or her hands warm.

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Swimming apparel for staying warm and dry

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