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Swimwear: Tummy Tanning Swimsuit

This is a one-piece suit that gives a two-piece tan. I don't like wearing two-piece suits during training because they don't feel secure enough and I feel like I have to readjust them too often. This suit stays secure like a one-piece but allows for sun exposure on the stomach like a two-piece. The suit has a fully-lined top and bottom made from a dark, opaque swimwear fabric, and an unlined, lighter-colored middle panel to let sun through on the stomach.

I came up with this idea several years ago and prototyped it back in 2017. I have been working on seam types for swimwear recently and have been practicing cover-stitching and working with athletic fabrics, so I recently re-visted this project and made new prototypes with professional swimwear seam types.

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Swimwear: Tummy Tanning Swimsuit

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