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Fabric Dying--Direct Dying with Fiber Reactive Dye

Tuesday, October 9th, 2018

1) Dyes:

pale magenta: 1/16 tsp fire red, 1/16 tsp navy

deep magenta: 1 tsp fire red, 1 tsp navy

mid-depth purple: 1/2 tsp violet, 1/4 tsp turquoise, 1/4 tsp navy

mid-depth green: 3/4 tsp turquoise, 1/4 tsp lemon yellow

2) Mix each dye with 1/2 cup chemical water (3/8th thick chemical water, 1/8 thin chemical water) & 1/2 tsp soda ash

3) Apply dye to fabric using different methods:

This is a stamp that I made with three layers of sticky-backed foam on plexiglass.

I stamped the deep magenta on top of the pale magenta to make this monochromatic swatch.

I used tape resist to make the stripes on this swatch. I used the deep magenta, mid-depth green, and mid-depth violet dyes.

I used a strip of LEDs and ribbon as tools for adding visual texture

4) I left these swatched to dry for two days.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

4) I rolled the swatched into a sheet and steamed them in a steamer to set the dye.

5) After steaming, I washed the fabric swatches (one cycle in cold water, one cycle in warm water with synthrapol, one more cycle in cold water) and hung them to dry.

6) I ironed the swatches and cut them down to 8"x8" swatches.

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