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Fabric Dying--Resist using Presist

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

1) I started with a plain piece of fabric dyed yellow through an immersion dying process.

2) I painted a design with a resist agent called Presist.

3) After letting the presist dry, I made discharge solution and applied it inside the shapes on my pattern.

4) I used a blow drier to heat and dry the discharge on the fabric, and then I ironed the swatch. Ironing the swatch lightened the parts which had been covered with discharge.

5) I mixed a thin, red dye and applied it to the entire fabric.

6) Rather than steaming the fabric, I used the cold bath process and covered it with plastic and left it to sit for 26 hours to incubate.

7) I uncovered the fabric after the cold bath process.

8) I washed the fabric (cold water, warm water with synthrapol, then cold water again), and then hung it to dry.

9) I ironed the dry swatch.

10) I finished the process by cutting the swatch down to 8"x8" and pinking the edges.

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