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Parka with Removable Towels


Parkas are designed to keep swimmers warm, but the polyester fleece fabric used in the lining for warmth is not ideal for water absorption. Fleece gets itchy when wet and does not dry fast. Cotton works well for water absorption, but is not ideal for keeping individuals warm. I made this parka to solve the issue of wet swimmers wanting to get dry and warm without getting their parka wet. I sewed this parka with a nylon rip-stop outer shell, anti-pill fleece lining, and snap-in removable terry cloth towels.

A swimmer can wear this parka when wet, and then take the removable towel out once fully dry. I made the towels to fit in the parka nicely and protect the parka from getting wet.

As a swimmer, I often would just wrap a towel around my body under the parka, but this parka that I designed fits well and keeps the towel secure when moving around.

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